When it comes to getting the best rates for auto insurance in Pinellas County, our 20+ years of experience in the field make us experts. A number of factors impact your rates including driving record, type of history of claims, and type of vehicle. Here we’ll be breaking down just a few of the many ways you can find the best rates for auto insurance in Pinellas County.

Driving Record

The primary factor that impacts the actual cost of your car insurance is typically your driving record. The safer an insurer believes a driver to be, the lower the cost of coverage will be. A better driving record can be achieved by driving safely and maintaining the lowest amount of points on your driving record possible. Some insurance companies even offer safe driving discounts if you provide extra information on how safe you’re driving. This can be done using what is called a telematics device. For more information on the installation and usage of a telematics device, Contact Us


History Of Claims

Much like other types of insurance, your history of claims can have an impact on your rates for auto insurance in Pinellas County. Making claims for damages to your car, even if without an accident, can drive up your rates. This is because your insurer deems you a higher risk for future payouts if you have a history of making claims often. Aim to only make claims only if absolutely necessary to help keep your premium lower.


Type Of Car

Surprisingly enough, even the type of car you drive can impact your rates. Vehicles your insurer considers dangerous like sports cars or older vehicles can increase your premium. Likewise, Cars with more safety features can even help lower your premium. When in the market for a car, look for one that has additional anti-theft features and additional safety features to potentially qualify for a discount on your insurance.

Shopping Options

Ultimately, one of the best options for getting the best auto insurance rates in Pinellas County is shopping different carriers. With competition, national and local carriers will offer ideal rates for better coverages to people that qualify. Knowing all your available rates allows you to know you’re saving the most money possible.

Shopping for rates on your own can not only be a hassle but can seem confusing where to start. At Florida Best Quote, we shop the market to find our clients the lowest rates, for the best coverages available. For Free! We work on your behalf to make insurers compete for your business. If you would like to get a free quote for auto insurance in Pinellas county, click the link below to be connected with an agent.

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