FloridaBestQuote.com is here to help you navigate some tricky and often confusing waters. Following the suggestions below can help you lower your rates without sacrificing coverage.

1.  Raise your deductibles as much as your comfort level will allow.  Remember, insurance is not intended for small fix-it claims.

2.  Get a wind mitigation inspection on your home.  This alone can generate big savings, up to 45 percent off your home owner’s premium.

3.  Combining as many policies with one company as possible can generate up to a 15 percent discount on your premiums. Let FloridaBestQuote.com coordinate and shop for you.  It can be tricky in Florida since a lot of companies don’t write for all lines of insurance.

4.  Add as many safety features as you can such as a burglar alarm, car alarm, storm/hurricane shutters, and fire sprinkler systems.  Take a boating safety course or a safe driver course.  Both can generate up to $100 off your premium every six months.

5.  Buy less coverage. Consider reducing your personal home content coverage, which can be higher than you need, especially if you own items that are worth less now and you would be willing to buy second-hand to replace them.

6.  Reduce your damage risks. Modernize heating, plumbing and electrical systems.  For example, replace the rubber hoses behind your washing machine with stainless steel ones, which are much less likely to burst or crack.  This is the single most important thing you can do to lessen your exposure to damage.

7.  Call Florida Best Quote Insurance today at 727-584-9999 or submit your information for a quote!  We can get you started down the path to saving on insurance without reducing your coverage. And remember, we use only top notch insurers.