Motorcycle Quotes in Florida

You worked for it. You deserve it. Whether it’s a shiny new boat or a bike engineered by Harley Davidson, now it’s time to shop for insurance and get motorcycle quotes. (That cross-country RV vacation transportation is also going to need a policy!)

When it comes to insurance, the type of vehicle determines the type of policy. Therefore, your motorcycle adventure will not be covered under your auto insurance.

To calculate insurance rates for vehicles, motorcycle quotes are primarily dictated by the vehicle’s size and its number of wheels. Additionally, consider that different vehicles have different passenger capacities. For cars, passengers are considered a given because there are at least two seats to accommodate them. That’s why coverage for them is included in a general auto policy.

A motorcycle however, is considered a mode of transportation for one person. If you have the slightest thought you will have anyone ride with you, your motorcycle quotes will reflect the need for additional coverage.

Discounts on Motorcycle Quotes

In the same way you may obtain a low mileage or multi-vehicle discount on your auto policy, we will talk with you about how often you plan on taking the bike out. Since motorcycles are typically for seasonal use, we can give you motorcycle quote options that suit that usage to cost you less money.

Unfortunately, the likelihood of bodily harm with a motorcycle accident is higher than with a car, therefore personal injury protection is something to discuss with our insurance specialists.

Boat Insurance in Florida

Since you’re a resident of this spectacular Floridian peninsula, you are living in a boater’s paradise. Fishing, sailing, racing, water skiing – whatever your aquatic passions, we will shop for and find the perfect insurance for your vessel.

Although a beautiful Sunday on the water is a little less complicated than insuring it, policy types differ based on many variables. Because we started this business to provide honest evaluations of insurance needs and to educate consumers on what they’re buying and why, you will leave our office knowing exactly what you should.

Based on the make and model of your vessel we can write a policy to cover some or all your nautical property (anchors, oars, shade canopies, and life jackets to name a few), regardless if they are permanently attached or stowed onboard.

Whether you own a kayak or a yacht we will insure your craft against damage and even loss due to theft, collision, and other risks like sinking or fire or even storm damage. We will also shop boat liability insurance coverage in the event of injury or damage to other vessels or structures.

With the quality and affordability of the coverage we provide, you will enjoy many Sundays of smooth sailing.

Hit the Open Road with Affordable RV Insurance

Similarly, we take into consideration the extras you may be carrying aboard your shiny, new RV. Attached and permanent accessories can all be covered, just like for a home or a boat. From your personal belongings to collision and personal injury protection, the road warrior in you will make that trip across country with confidence!

Contact us today at 727-584-9999 for motorcycle quotes as well as premium and policy information for your boat or RV!

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