What Is Commercial Insurance?

Many of the greatest companies in the world had humble beginnings. Cosmetics giant Mary Kay launched hers from the kitchen table in her home. Along with Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs started Apple in his parents’ garage. The type of business you have and the coverage you need, will answer the “what is commercial insurance” question. We’ve got those answers.

Taking the risk to embrace your entrepreneurial spirit to solve a problem with a product or provide a service is most rewarding. But then you must protect that business.

The type of business you own and where it is housed are the key factors in determining the best coverage that suits your situation. Perhaps you need more robust liability coverage because company vehicles are used to transport employees or deliver products. What is commercial insurance? When you meet with one of our insurance advisors, we will discuss all the elements and make appropriate recommendations.

Protect Your Investment with Commercial Insurance

The building in which your business lives needs commercial insurance for eventualities like theft or fire that can impact furniture, fixtures, computers, inventory, and any heavy-duty machinery that needs to be covered for repairs and even loss of use.

There are many associated costs with owning your own business. You don’t want to run any risks of downtime, but you also don’t want your commercial insurance premium to be the most expensive line item in your budget!

Small- and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of this country. We are a business too. We understand the sweat equity and capital it takes. But you can’t be susceptible to liability…or an insurance company that sells you commercial insurance you don’t need at an exorbitant cost.

You need coverage and you need a profit margin. We are here to clarify every aspect of your commercial insurance coverage to help you have both.

Your investment in your company is everything. This is your dream. You need to defend it.

We Find Straightforward and Affordable Solutions

When we meet to review your needs, we will go through a list of potential coverage you may require to narrow it down to the best commercial insurance protection at the best price because that’s what we do – all day long. And we love it. Helping people feel empowered to do what theylove? There’s nothing like it.

You may need an insurance policy that includes auto, liability, property coverage, and perhaps even an option like protection from employee theft. Every business is unique. That’s why we provide coverage that is. You don’t need the same thing as the storefront down the street. An honest assessment is what you need.

The answer to “what is commercial insurance?” is an insurance policy that will help you sleep better at night, so you can rise and shine each day – ready to keep your business running just the way you want it. Contact us today at 727-584-9999 for a quote for your business from one of our commercial insurance experts!

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