An Insurance Specialist:
A Vital Addition to Your Team

Real Estate Insurance SpecialistToday’s real estate transactions demand a team of licensed and experienced professionals including: brokers, agents, termite/home inspectors, and appraisers; along with an insurance specialist.

With the complexities of insuring properties in Florida, Florida Best Quote has placed an insurance specialist in real estate offices throughout the Tampa Bay area.

We have made a name for ourselves as the preferred insurance vendor for many real estate brokerages because of the integrity and enthusiasm we bring to each office and every transaction.

Given the time sensitivity of real estate contracts, Realtors must have accurate information from people who excel in their field. An on-premise insurance specialist fits the bill!

Top 10 Reasons You Need an Insurance Specialist in Your Office

Real estate sales in Florida are unlike transactions in most states in the country. Having an insurance specialist in your office is the best use of thatreal estate!

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Add Florida Best Quote to Your Real Estate Team

  1. We know how important prompt quotes are for a real estate transaction.
  2. Florida Best Quote understands the unique needs of the title company, lender, Realtor, and the insured.
  3. We recognize the sense of urgency to organize participants to meet the closing date.
  4. We work and coordinate real estate transactions with all parties.
  5. Cost-Effective. Your dedicated insurance specialist will provide the very best coverage at probably less than what your clients are currently paying.
  6. Florida Best Quote lets you in on money-saving secrets that other insurance agents and companies don’t share.
  7. Our new app is available to quickly provide quotes for your clients.
  8. Business Model. Our independent structure is responsible for the significant growth realized by Florida Best Quote.
  9. We are a consumer-driven agency.
  10. Every Florida Best Quote insurance specialist remains fiercely independent and has the most competitive insurance carriers at their disposal.

Get the Advantage Over Your Competition

With an insurance specialist integrated into your team, you and your clients will realize a distinct advantage.

In addition to admins and transaction coordinators, having an insurance specialist on your side will help you and your team act in the best interests of your clients. It takes a group of focused professionals to get buyers to the closing table.

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If you have any questions about how to add an insurance specialist to your office and/or wish to obtain references and testimonials about the positive impact we have on other brokerages, contact our home office at 727-584-9999.

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