Bundling your home and auto insurance might just be the financial move you need to make to end your year on a high note. According to Markets Insider, “placing multiple vehicles or multiple belonging (like a home) under the same insurer can be really advantageous.” In addition to gaining access to discounts, as the policyholder of a bundled coverage plan, you only have to pay one bill and deal with one contract.

When switching to a bundled policy, you can expect to experience discounted rates of between 5-25% per policy. Many companies are not interested in selling homeowner’s insurance on their own, offering large discounts when consumers bundle policies together. For instance, if your home and auto insurance is bundled, you may receive discounts of 10% on your auto policy and 15% on your homeowner’s insurance. If you bundle your auto insurance with a renters policy instead, you might see up to a 5% discount.

Statistically, insurers tend to give larger discounts to homeowners than renters, so if you did not see the benefits of bundling in the past when you were single renting an apartment downtown, now that you are married and own your home it may be worth shopping around. A company called insurance Quote conducted a study with findings that determined, “Bundling auto and homeowners [insurance] saves an average of $322, while auto and renters [insurance] saves $84.”

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