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Phil Wrobel grew up in the Detroit area and worked in the automotive industry before moving to Florida in 1988.   Establishing his family in the Ft. Myers area Phil began a new career in Broadcast Advertising.   He worked in Radio and Television helping advertisers to develop campaigns and increase their business.    With this career path Phil moved to the Tampa Bay area to work for Time Warner- settling in Indian Rocks Beach with his wife in 1997.

Believing that you should be an active member of the community you live in, Phil volunteered for as many events as he could sign up for.   His interest in the community expanded when he took over the Home Owners Association as President and drastically increased this civil association in both size and revenue in the eight years he acted as leader.

The year 2010 was pivotal for Phil.  A house fire destroyed his home and, in dealing with the insurance companies and banks to rebuild, Phil became passionate about helping others navigate through the many facets of insurance.  He applied for his license and began a new career.   Working for Florida Best Quote Phil has found a way to direct his enthusiasm to serve others.

With the new Florida Best Quote Indian Rocks Beach office he works in the same community that he has been lucky enough to live in and serve for over 20 years!

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