Who and what is eligible for a wind mitigation inspection?
Wind insurance discounts are available for building features that reduce damage during high winds on all single family homes, townhouses, condos and commercial buildings. Most existing structures have at least one or more wind-resistive construction feature. Homeowner’s and condo associations also qualify for wind mitigation credits.

How does it save me money?
The State of Florida requires insurance companies to offer reduced rates for certain wind mitigation features. A wind mitigation inspection must be performed by a certified wind mitigation inspector. Wind mitigation features present in your home will be documented in a Wind Mitagation Certificate, which when applied to your coverage will reduce the cost of your home insurance.

How much money can I save?
In Florida, for example, premium discounts for certain wind mitigation features are mandated by state law and can total 45 percent of the original windstorm policy’s premium.  For example, if you are paying $2,400, a Wind Mitagation Certificate could save you as much as $1,080.

How much does a wind mitigation inspection cost?
Inspections vary in Florida but expect to pay between $70 and $100.  Remember, one Wind Mitigation Certificate now will reduce your premium year after year after year and save you thousands.

How do I schedule a wind mitigation inspection?
Call Florida Best Quote Insurance at 727-584-9999.