“Insurance is something we need and insurance companies need to understand that they must compete for business just like any other product or service. Florida Best Quote makes them earn your business everyday so you will never pay too much again. And that’s a promise.”

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Jeanette Lawrenson was a successful, full-time Realtor in Belleair, Florida when the aftermath of the 2005-2006 hurricane season left her scrambling to find homeowners insurance. Whatever the ‘big boy’ insurance companies pulling out of the state wanted to call it, Jeanette, like most of her friends, neighbors, and associates, was dropped, cancelled, and nonrenewed.

Under the new insurer, her premiums more than tripled. She suffered along with everyone else before realizing that her insurance company had not explained choices that dramatically impacted her costs. Getting through the maze of understanding her own homeowner’s insurance nightmare left the Florida native confused, exasperated, then angry when she learned that a friend was paying 30 percent less for the same coverage.

She quickly discovered that insurance, although a necessity, can be very confusing and leaves you feeling that you’re at the mercy of the insurance companies. She hated that feeling and knew there had to be a better way. She enrolled in school, earned her license to sell insurance, and away she went. First, she ‘shopped’ homeowner’s policies for friends, family, and associates and saved them money. Jeanette took the time to educate them about their coverage and deductible choices. They told everyone they knew and Florida Best Quote was born.

With one simple revelation – represent multiple, top notch insurance companies and ‘shop’ the same coverage with multiple carriers – Jeanette not only saved her clients money, but often increased their coverage.

By taking the time to educate clients, shop several carriers, and last but not least, use the Florida Wind Mitigation Program, she saves almost all clients an average of 25 to 40 percent on homeowner’s coverage, and the savings continue year after year. Jeanette didn’t stop with homeowners. She applied the same principle to auto, boat, and other types of insurance and found their savings easily equates to more than a $100 month.

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