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How Can I Find Affordable Insurance Near Me?

Insurance protects the people and possessions we love. Technically, if you search “insurance near me” you can find any insurance company that can provide that service.

However, Florida Best Quote offers the new, better way to buy insurance. New because it is the most innovative means of providing people with exactly what they need, and better because we can deliver the cost-effective premiums our clients deserve.

Ours is a true concierge service that is consumer-driven. For starters, we are connected with more insurance carriers than 98% of other companies. While others are limited in the quotes they can provide, we can give you an array of choices. Choices mean flexibility. Flexibility means affordability.

For the Best Insurance Near Me, How Do I Decide Which To Choose?

At Florida Best Quote, personal service is our focus. You can call to speak directly to one of our consultants in a satellite office in your neighborhood – or just drop in! A dedicated insurance advocate will be happy to welcome you. Insurance near me is not just about geography. It’s about a person who takes the time to understand what is important to you.

Otherwise, if you work with what’s known as a “captive agent” – a person who works for one insurance company – you will only get what they can give you. You have no options…because there are none. It’s like going out for ice cream and all the shop can sell you is vanilla. When it comes to something as important as insurance coverage, you need to be able to choose from a selection.

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Our Philosophy

“Insurance is something we need and insurance companies need to understand that they must compete for business just like any other product or service. Florida Best Quote makes them earn your business everyday so you will never pay too much again. And that’s a promise.”
– Florida Best Quote Owner, Jeanette Lawrenson
I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the hard work you did and for helping me out with any questions I had. I have already referred your company to a couple of friends for both home and car insurance. Once again, Thank you.

Kevin Corbett

We are pleased to announce that Florida Best Quote has been selected as one of The Thorn Collection’s Preferred Vendors. We are pleased to refer you to our clients and their friends based on your excellence in service. We devote ourselves to serving the needs of our clients before, during and after each transaction. Therefore we are constantly referring special vendors to our buyers and sellers. We are currently the #1 Real Estate Team in West Central Florida, with over $106 Million in sales since 2011!

Martha Thorn, The Thorn Collection

Thank u so much….u r all so intune to gr8 customer service.

Carmen Bassage

You’re the best … I am so referring every single state attorney to you.

H. Grissinger

You are the greatest !! I am so blessed to have you to work with.

Judi Taulbee, Green Lion Realty LLC

We checked around and the quote you gave us was excellent. Another insurer told us he was very impressed that you were able to get it so low.

Amanda Savage

Make an Insurance Decision That is an Informed One

Educated consumers make informed decisions. When you buy a home or a car, you do your homework. You scour the Internet to figure how much house you can afford. You test drive a variety of vehicles to assess performance versus cost. Then you connect with a professional to broker the transaction.

It’s the same with insurance – except we do the homework for you. It takes expertise to navigate the variables and come up with the ideal solution to protect what’s yours. Once we’ve completed our research, we share what we’ve found so we can decide together what suits you best. Knowledge is a powerful asset.

When you work with a Florida Best Quote specialist, you will understand every aspect of your insurance purchase…from policy to premium

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With our company, there’s no room for ambiguity. We educate our customers, so they know exactly what they’re getting, at the best possible rate in the industry. We guarantee it.

This is a profession about which we’re passionate. We are hardworking people in support of hardworking people.

Before you Google “insurance near me” call today at 727-584-9999 to be connected with an insurance specialist in your neighborhood!