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You did your research and shopped for your new car. SUV, compact, or luxury…now you need the same attention to be given to the research for your auto insurance. Are you looking for cheap car insurance? A better alternative to everything else out there? That’s where we come in.

The professionals at Florida Best Quote never “sell” you on a policy. We discuss what you need and then we go find it. Insurance in Florida can be challenging. The severe weather impacts residents physically and financially. Lack of adequate communication means auto policy holders are often uninformed about what they are paying for and why. (It seems today you can buy cheap car insurance on every corner!)

It is not only your wallet at stake. Your protection is everything. With Florida’s rapidly expanding growth population, the increased rate of retired and older drivers, along with distracted driving caused by mobile devices, you need the best insulation available to insure you.

Because we are connected with more insurance carriers than 98% of other companies, we can provide an excellent selection of options for your review. That means the best value, the best price, the best coverage for your auto insurance policy.

Below are brief explanations of some of the things an auto insurance policy may offer, however, we recommend you contact us for a quote and detailed review of your potential policy.

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An Expensive Car or a Cheap Car. Insurance Will Protect You.

An auto insurance policy may be constructed in any number of ways, the following are a few definitions that may clarify commonly used terms:

Provides coverage if you cause injury or death to someone.

Provides coverage if you cause damage to another person’s vehicle or property.

Florida’s “no-fault” law requires a $10,000 coverage minimum. It may apply to medical expenses, loss of wages, and death benefit; regardless of who caused the accident. PIP insurance also protects you as a pedestrian.

If the driver who hits your car is not insured for bodily injury liability, this coverage will pay for medical bills and related injuries if you or a passenger are injured in an accident.

If the driver who hits you does not have enough bodily injury liability coverage, this coverage will pay for medical bills and related injuries if you or a passenger are injured in an accident.

Provides insurance coverage for damages to your vehicle that was caused by something other than collision including theft, vandalism, impact with animals, explosion, fire, flood, windstorm, and glass breakage.

Provides insurance coverage for damage to your vehicle caused by collision with another vehicle or object.

There is a wide range of deductibles that may be applied to these types of coverages. Additionally, with a higher deductible, your cheap car insurance premium will be lower. We commit to building you the best possible package.

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Auto insurance is a bit of a puzzle. All variables must be considered to create the solution that makes the most sense. Fortunately, we are expert problem solvers!

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