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My  name is Bella Rincon, I am originally from Venezuela, but grew up most of my life in California. My parents moved our family to United States when I was 8 years old so I would have a better future and opportunities in this beautiful country. I studied 4 years in college to become an Architect, like my father always wanted me to be. Unfortunately, I was unable to finish my schooling as my father got very sick and suddenly passed away. I had to take care of my mother and dropped out of school. Looking for a fresh start my mother and I moved to Florida with my brother. I started working in the service industry and then John Lawrenson was put in my path. After years of knowing him, he saw something in me and gave me the great opportunity to become part of Florida Best Quote family. I can finally say my father would be proud if he was still here to see how far I have gone, and what I have become. I cannot thank John and Jeanette enough for the great opportunity I was given. I am now able to help others through insurance, by getting better coverage and premiums, so they can afford their dream home! By being bi-lingual I am able to help my Spanish community with all of their insurance needs.  I am currently working at the Keller Williams in St. Pete Beach.

Hablo Español

Over the past month I have had the pleasure of working with Bella Rincon. She has demonstrated excellent customer service with her prompt follow-up and pleasant attitude. When I first started this journey to buy my home I had so many questions, and Bella really took the time to answer all my questions, no matter how silly, and provided me with the resources if I needed further clarification. I truly appreciate all the time and effort that she has put in to assisting me through this process. She is a gem, and I will recommend your agency and Bella to others in the future due to the excellent service she has provided. Thank you to Bella and your agency for making the challenging process of buying a home, a little easier!

Iannie Rodrigues

I am very impressed with the extra lengths you and your company have gone through to make right a difficult situation. Thank you for your diligent and tireless efforts to replace my apartment insurance coverage without a gap in service.

Bella Rincon works here. She is incredibly knowledgeable and cares about her clients.

Clifford W.

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